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Super Succulents

We’re going crazy for succulents here at Hacketts. We have a range of classic and unusual planters and terrariums with single succulent varieties or gorgeous pairings of different varieties.

Call into the shop to see them for yourself. You can either have something that is already planted up or select the individual plants and containers and we can plant them up for you as you wait or even take them home and plant them yourself.

Succulent fun facts

As well as looking super stylish and fun did you know that succulents cleanse the air and remove toxins.

Some succulents, such as air plants, don’t need soil to survive. They gather nutrients and water through scales on their leaves.

Some succulents produce offsets called “pups” from which you can grow an entirely new succulent plant.

Some succulents can have health, healing and medicinal uses, such as: aloe vera, which can be used for treating skin wounds and burns; house leeks , which can be used as an anti inflammatory.

Some succulents are edible, for example, agave used in tequila, sedums can be used in salads, dragon fruit is the flower/fruit of a cactus known as Queen of the Night), Aloe Vera can be juiced and is an excellent source of vitamin B, C, E and Folic Acid.

Romans kept succulents in their windows as they thought they would protect them from lightning and witchcraft.

How to care for your succulents

Do not over water. Once a week/fortnight should be enough for most succulents. An easy way to check if they need water is by touching the soil they are planted in to see if it is dry. Another way to tell if your succulents are ready for a drink is to give them a little squeeze and see if they are firm or soft. If they are soft they may want a touch of water.

The best way to water them is to soak their pot in water. This way the soil will just take up the amount of water it needs. If watering from above and your plant pot has no drainage holes be careful not to drench the soil or the plant itself as this can make them go sloppy.

Succulents like sunlight but be careful not to keep them in direct sunlight for too long as they can get sun burn. They can also survive in low levels of sunlight as they a very resilient.