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Here a just a few of our bespoke funeral tributes. Please call us on 01226 762241 to discuss any ideas.

What are Decorative Tributes for Funerals?

Decorative tributes for funerals are symbolic expressions of love, respect, and remembrance for the deceased. They serve as a way to honour their life and offer comfort to grieving loved ones.

Here are some common decorative tributes for funerals:

Floral Arrangements: Flowers are a traditional and widely used tribute for funerals. They can be arranged in wreaths, sprays, bouquets, or other arrangements to adorn the casket, altar, or venue.

Funeral Wreaths: Wreaths are circular arrangements often placed on or near the casket. They symbolise eternity, continuity of life, and the enduring memory of the deceased.

Casket Sprays: These are large floral arrangements specifically designed to cover all or part of the casket. They are usually chosen by close family members or friends.

Photo Displays: Displaying photographs of the deceased at the funeral is a meaningful tribute. These can be arranged on tables, walls, or in digital frames, showcasing different stages of their life.

Memorial Candles: Lighting candles in memory of the deceased is a common tradition in many cultures. They symbolise the light of the person’s spirit and may be accompanied by prayers or reflections.

Personalised Memorabilia: Displaying items that were meaningful to the deceased, such as hobby-related items, favourite books, or artworks, can serve as a tribute and help celebrate their life.

Music and Performances: Live music, songs, or performances that were meaningful to the deceased can be incorporated into the funeral service as a tribute to their life and interests.

Customised Decorations: Decorations that reflect the personality, hobbies, or achievements of the deceased can be used to personalise the funeral space. For example, if the person loved gardening, floral or nature-themed decorations could be used.

Symbolic Objects: Objects with symbolic significance, such as religious symbols, favourite possessions of the deceased, or items representing their cultural heritage, can be displayed as tributes.

Keepsakes for Guests: Providing guests with small keepsakes, such as memorial cards, seeds to plant in memory, or personalised tokens, can serve as a lasting tribute and reminder of the person’s life.

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